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Two Tensions A Leader Must Manage

1. I must be available to everyone.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: The leader who is always available to everyone at all

times is seldom available to God.

Too many church leaders have what is commonly known as “The Messiah Complex,” feeling

like they are the only ones who can meet with people, pray with the sick, solve the

problems, and do all of the counseling. (And, in most cases, I do NOT blame the people but

rather the leader who has a need to be needed—who is more dependent on the people than

he is the power and presence of God in their lives.)

We can’t lead people if we need people!

It’s impossible to be available to everyone at all times!

JESUS WASN’T! Luke 5:16 (as well as numerous other verses) talk about the fact that Jesus

OFTEN sought solitude, so He could simply pray, reflect, and focus on the Father. We’ve got

to do the same if we are going to be leaders that impact God’s Kingdom.

2. I can’t be available to anyone.

The problem in many cases when we try to fight lie number one is that

the pendulum swings to the extreme opposite, and we actually believe that the leader could

not and should not ever be available to any time...for any reason. Thus the pastor/

church leader becomes more of a king than a servant and completely loses touch with the

people he is called to lead.

Jesus was the PERFECT model for this. If ANYONE had a packed and important agenda it

was Him. He knew He had three years. He knew He had a job to do, and yet we see Him

quite often in the Scriptures taking time to hang out with little children, heal the sick, have

dinner with some “sinners,” and have a conversation with a woman who had a pretty bad

reputation (see John 4).

How do we know who to spend time with? The simple answer is we really need to lean into

the Holy Spirit and allow Him to drive our decisions rather than the expectations of others.

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