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9 Filters We Use In Making Decisions

Whenever a leader delegates decision making ability to the team who serves with him, it

often goes a lot better if he gives some guardrails in regards to how to make those

decisions. I have nine of them I have used for a number of years.

1. What does the Bible say?

2. What do wise and godly people say?

3. What does my experience say?

4. What does the Spirit say?

5. Does this negatively impact the vision?

6. Am I excited about this?

7. Is this a temporary solution?

8. Is this extravagance or excellence?

9. Will this benefit THE vision or just my vision?

When we lead and serve with people, there are going to be

disagreements about decisions. Conflict is inevitable and

good communication is vital. Let’s look at how to lead well

through communication and conflict.

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