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Are You A Procrastinator?

Often paralyzation leads to procrastination. Our fear leads us to put things of; however, if

we tend to be a procrastinator we may want to consider...

1. Procrastination is assassination of the amazing future that God has for your life.

2. Procrastination is almost always us delaying what we know is the right thing to do.

3. Procrastination has NEVER made things easier.

4. No one has ever procrastinated a problem away.

5. Procrastination always leads to frustration on our part!

6. The longer you wait the more you will hate what you feel like you’ve got to do.

7. “I’m praying about it” is most often an excuse to not do anything about it!

8. Cancer, if left alone and ignored, always grows, becomes more dominant, and ultimately

destroys. The problem you are ignoring (the one God keeps putting in front of you) could

be cancerous...and if left alone and ignored will grow, become more dominant, and

ultimately destroy.

9. A true leader deals with problems rather than simply denying they exist.

10. Procrastination is a leadership lid that often holds people back from the next thing God

wants to do in their lives. Why would He bless us with what is NEXT if we refuse to deal with

what is in front of us right NOW?

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