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5 Self-Leadership Questions

Now that we’ve looked at potential areas of ineffectiveness

let’s challenge ourselves some questions that can take our

effectiveness to the next level.

1. Who have I encouraged lately?

As leaders, we can often get caught up in assuming that people know we love and

appreciate them.

They don’t!

Taking the time to say, “Thanks” to people who go the extra mile or to write them a quick

note of encouragement goes a long way.

2. Do I care more about who people are becoming or what they are doing?

Leaders who care more about who people are becoming will lead people rather

than drive them. If you're only interested in what they are doing it will eventually leave a

wake of people burned out from ministry.

Caring more about who people are becoming is more effective because people ENJOY their

work so much more. Healthy staff and volunteers are more fun to work with—and they do

better work when they are fully charged.

3. What is the ONE problem that I know I need to deal with—but have been

putting off because it is too painful?

When it comes to leadership, denial leads to disaster.

The Lord does not put problems in front of us just so we can “pray them way.” Yes, we have

to pray, but we must participate with the Lord as well by becoming the leader He has called

us to be—even when it requires that we make difficult decisions.

4. What are the dreams I believe Jesus has placed inside of me?

When our memories of the past are greater than our dreams for the’s over!

What are the “impossible” things that could only happen if God did such a work that only He

could get the credit?

Share these dreams out loud with your leadership team! All too often we refuse to do this

type of thing because we fear that “God’s reputation” might be at stake. I learned a long time

ago that His reputation is fine—it’s our reputations as leaders that we actually fear taking a


Celebrate the past...but anticipate the future.

5. Do I cause fear and uncertainty or joy and excitement when I walk into a


If you don’t know the answer to this question, ask the people who work with you.

Some people naturally fear leaders (they have never gotten over getting called into the

principal’s office in middle school).

However, as leaders, we should constantly strive to create a culture of love, joy, peace,

patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control! (A shout out to the

Apostle Paul for Galatians 5:22-23!)

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