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5 Dangerous Lies Leaders Believe

Paralyzation and procrastination are often the results of

believing lies. Satan, the father of lies, wants nothing more

than to halt our effectiveness. One of the ways he does that

is by trying to convince us of these five lies.

1. God made me aware of this situation, so I can pray about it.

One of the things that bothers me about the body of Christ is how often Christians will

actually use prayer as an excuse for inactivity. When we pray about something we should be

ready to act in accordance with what we are praying for.

If we are leaders, that means Jesus gave us the spiritual gift of leadership...TO LEAD! If He

makes us aware of things, it is because He has gifted us and is entrusting us to lead through

the situation—not so we can just be passive about it.

2. I must have all of the answers.

The leader who believes this lie will stress himself out and allow worry (and/or pride) to

dominate his life.

Leaders DON’T have all of the answers. Trust me...the longer I do this the more I don’t know

what the heck I am doing, which leads to the next lie...

3. I cannot ask anyone for help because doing so will make me look weak.

Actually, the opposite is true—operating in your own power and constantly making stupid

decisions is actually what makes a leader look weak! God placed people in our lives to help

us out. When we ask for help people do not lose respect for us; they actually respect us

more (and are way more likely to buy into a decision in which they had input).

4. I cannot slow down.

Jesus did ask us to give Him our best, but He didn’t ask to us fry ourselves in the process.

I had a counselor tell me recently, “In the Bible God calls those who will not work LAZY...but

He calls those who will not rest DISOBEDIENT!”

At the end of the day a leader must come to grips with this statement:


So many of us try, and we get so caught up in doing ministry that we have no time to

actually walk with Jesus.

If you feel like you can’t slow down—can’t take a day off—then you value yourself way more

than you value the supernatural power of God. Take a breath...HE REIGNS!

5. The longer I do this the easier it will become.

I used to think there would be a day when I would be so natural at this stuff I would be able

to make leadership decisions without any type of struggle. I used to think I would one day

get past my insecurities. I used to think one day I would not lay awake at night wrestling

with decisions that needed to be made...


The longer we lead the more desperate for God we should become—because it becomes

more and more obvious to us that we are not as good as we think we are, and He is WAY

BETTER than we could have EVER imagined!

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