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15 Signs a Church Leadership Team Has Lost Its Mind

We’ve spent significant time looking at areas that trip us up

as leaders. Let’s expand now and evaluate our leadership

team’s culture.

1. The team spends more time seeking to imitate what is happening in other churches rather

than begging God for HIS plan for their church. (Laziness!)

2. The leaders spend more time on the web to see what’s working instead of in the Word to

see what God is saying.

3. Staff meetings become more focused on all of the “wrong” things other churches/leaders

are doing instead of focusing on the problems that exist right under their nose. That’s a sign

of insecurity.

4. The focus of the leadership meeting is not to lead, inspire, and problem solve...but rather

to just “make it” through the meeting.

5. The term “loyalty” is defined as, “we agree with the leader, no matter what.”

Therefore, dysfunction sets in as people are manipulated by fear and uncertainty...and they

allow the “emperor to have no clothes,” pretending everything is ok.

An environment of honesty must exist for a team to thrive!

6. The focus of the agenda is to be reactive to what a few people may be upset with rather

than proactive about the mission of the church.

7. The team is not willing to embrace taking risks because doing so could mean embracing

the uncomfortable for each member on the team.

8. Discussion seldom happens—lecture often does.

9. Decisions are made out of convenience rather than conviction.

10. The agenda of “our church is great” replaces the biblical agenda of “Our GOD IS GREAT!”

11. The people at the leadership table assume they are the smartest people in the

organization; therefore, all other people should be ignored.

12. The team is more focused on what random critics are saying than on what God is saying.

God does speak—but if He needs to direct your church it probably will not be through some

bitter blogger!

13. People are more concerned about protecting feelings than guarding the vision.

14. A leader will quickly throw a team member under the bus instead of taking responsibility

for a decision.

15. A person disengages from the conversation if it’s not about their specific area.

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