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Our members are our Partners and benefit from

  • Ministry Collaboration: 


Experienced or struggling, we thrive by benefiting from shared knowledge, advice, friendship and support

  • Forum Friend:

  1. Access to great teaching articles and prophetic insights and podcasts on church growth and leadership issues.

  2. Consistent motivation via our friendly forum discussions where knowledge, good practice, and encouragement are shared by fellow ministers.

  3. ​​Get your questions answered and advice to keep you on track and request confidential one-to-one sessions with a seasoned minister.​​

  4. Shared experience, and maturity in faith with other senior Christian leadership. Be a great life help.

  • Professional Member: 

If you, your company, or your charity work with us to provide professional services to our members at free or discounted rates and we do all we can to promote your work.

  • Corporate Associate: 

Collaboration with 3PLYCORD as a vision and organization further highlights your cause and mission not to mention the eternal reward in Christ.

  • Give: 

Support of our work with ministers as a one-time donation, Monthly standing order, or other ways means you are partnering with Jesus to establish his Kingdom and you are laying up treasures for yourself in heaven.

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